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Revolutionary real-time, online mapping now lets you securely track and manage your operations.

AIS-A/B VMS Satellite SPOT Wireless Device

Marine Services

The Dedicated Mapping Platform takes vessel tracking to the next level. In addition to traditional AIS tracking, Dedicated Maps can track using a variety of satellite and cell based tracking devices. Fishing Fleets with different VMS transmitters can now be seen on a single map. Unique customized data can be retrieved based on each clients needs.

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Hazardous Materials

When your job involves hazardous material, having tools to make fast accurate decisions is paramount. Knowing where the incident occurred, where your personnel and response equipment are, and how fast can they be deployed, can make the difference between a manageable incident and an expensive catastrophe. We have tools to help.

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Aviation Services

The Dedicated Mapping Platform technology not only applies to Marine vessels, but also to aircraft with satellite tracking devices. We can display a flight plan, track progress, project an ETA and give the pilot, passengers and people on the ground a sense of well being during normal operations and especially in an emergency.

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